We’re Taking Medicaid Expansion to the Voters!

On September 4, 2019, a broad and growing coalition of Missourians announced the launch of Healthcare Missouri, a campaign to expand Medicaid in Missouri by letting Missouri voters decide.

Missouri Health Care for All (MHCFA) is proud to be a member of Healthcare for Missouri, and will play an active role in supporting the campaign, beginning in the initial signature gathering phase.

Medicaid Expansion would provide health insurance to more than 200,000 Missourians who are uninsured and whose jobs do not provide health insurance. In addition to bringing lifesaving health care to uninsured Missourians, Medicaid Expansion will strengthen Missouri in other ways: It will bring Missouri tax dollars home, create thousands of jobs, and keep rural hospitals open.

In order to qualify Medicaid Expansion for the 2020 ballot, Healthcare for Missouri will need to submit more than 172,000 signatures from Missouri voters. Missouri Health Care for All, along with other powerful local and statewide organizations, has already launched an ambitious grassroots campaign to collect those signatures.

It will take health care supporters across the state working together to make Medicaid Expansion a reality – will you help?

Fill out the form below to sign up to volunteer with Missouri Health Care for All.

Click here to learn more about Healthcare for Missouri, Medicaid Expansion, and other ways to get involved.

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