Bill to Raise Asset Limits Passes Senate

Under current law, people with disabilities and seniors lose their Medicaid coverage if they have too much money in the bank – just $999 for an individual and $1,999 for a couple. These limits were set in 1967 and have not changed since. As a result, people with disabilities and seniors cannot save their own money to help with expenses like education, home and car repairs, and other basic needs.


HB 1565 will gradually raise these limits to $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for couples, allowing people to save their own money for basic needs and still keep their health coverage.


HB 1565 passed the Missouri House on a resounding vote of 151-7 on February 25th.
See how your Representative voted here: HB1565 House vote 151-7


HB 1565 passed the Missouri Senate on another resounding vote of 29-1 on May 10th.


This important bill now awaits signatures to become law.


We thank all of our great partners, allies and supporters who have worked on this for years, shared your stories, and contacted your legislators.


We will update this with the Senate Roll Call vote as soon as we have it.


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