They’re at it again: ACA repeal bill gaining momentum

Congress spent months trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act and slash Medicaid funding. Those efforts failed because so many Americans recognized how destructive the bills were and called on their legislators to oppose them.
Unfortunately, the Senate is at it again with a last-ditch effort to gut our health care system. This bill, called the Cassidy-Graham bill, is gaining momentum. Please contact your Senators right away to tell them to OPPOSE on this proposal.
Four things you can do right now:
1. Take action and tell Senators Blunt and McCaskill to oppose the Cassidy-Graham bill.
2. Call Senator Blunt at (844) 857-2173. Tell him the Cassidy-Graham bill is bad for Missouri and you want him to vote no.
3. Call Senator McCaskill at (202) 224-6154. Thank her for standing strong on health care earlier this year and ask her to do anything she can to stopp the Cassidy-Graham bill.
4. Get your friends across the country to contact their Senators.
More about the Cassidy-Graham bill:
  • Cassidy-Graham is a last-ditch effort by Senators who want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut Medicaid.
  • This proposal contains the same dangerous provisions rejected by Congress and the American public earlier this year. And it’s being advanced through the same rushed, secretive process.
  • Just like previous repeal bills, Cassidy-Graham:
    • Eliminates coverage for millions
    • Makes massive cuts to Medicaid
    • Eliminates financial help for lower- and middle-income families
    • Guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions
    • Pushes health care costs onto states
  • There are several critically important health care decisions Congress needs to make by September 30, including extending funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program that covers nearly 87,000 Missouri kids. Congress should focus on bipartisan opportunities to protect and improve health care, and leave destructive proposals like Cassidy-Graham alone.

Please take action now!

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