1. Thank you for not supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. You are absolutely right that the new bill guts the pre-existing clause. Thank you for not backing the new bill.

    Mary Gaarder
  2. Thank you Representative Billy Long for coming out against the latest ACA repeal bill because it would hurt the very people who voted you into office. Thank you for protecting us. Please keep us in mind with every decision you make.

    Donna White
  3. Thank you Representative Long for comingout against the latest reapeal and replace AHCA. I am a senior citizen and I know it would have effected me plus many others who count on affordable as well as accessible health care that covers pre-existing conditions.

    Francie Wolff
  4. I have called your office about this issue and am SO PLEASED to hear about your support for those with pre-existing conditions who must not be forgotten. THANK YOU!!

    Jeanne Legge
  5. Dear Representative Billy Long

    Thank you for doing the diligently right thing by coming out against the ACA repeal bill. You deserve an award for the position you work for! I will not ever forget this!


    Dinah Havens

    Dinah Havens
  6. Thank you for helping my friend who is a medicaid patient with helping to keep his healthcare in our fine state of Missouri. Joplin medicaid patients needed your strength for their healthcare. My friend has back spinal disease and his condition is long term heredity situation- his medicaid is crucial to fight ongoing issues with his various back spinal diseases. Thank you for not leaving him behind and standing up for Missourians with real healthcare needs that need to be met.

    Elizabeth Peterson
  7. Please vote against the repeal of the ACA! Covering pre-existing conditions is important, as you know. The amendments do not fill this gap in the new law proposed!!!
    Thank you!

    Candace Adams
  8. Please stay strong about pre existing conditions. A high risk pool doesn’t cut it. We’ll just pay for that with taxes. There is no free lunch. Health care is for all Missourians. A high risk pool will never be adequately funded. Hospitals will be stuck with the bill again. Rural hospitals won’t survive. Say NO to the new health care bill.

    Mary Gaarder
  9. Lead & do not leave us (your constituents, friends, businesses, family, business patrons, community) with health care you would not accept for yourself.
    Do NOT let Pres. Trump define you or your political history. Very BAD decision.

    Danny Amos

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