Thousands have become involved with Missouri Health Care for All since its founding in 2007. Read about their experiences to hear why they choose to volunteer and donate to the movement for better health care in Missouri.

Volunteer & Donor Testimonials

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Healthcare became an intersection of the two professions I practiced before I retired in 2013. The first ten years I was a Social Worker and the last 20 years I was a nurse. In both of these settings, Healthcare was pivotal in the lives of the people I worked with, often making the difference between a productive and successful life and one that was greatly diminished.

When I learned about the work that Missouri Healthcare for All is doing, I was inspired to both volunteer and donate. It is my hope that supporting the staff’s work in both these ways, the people in Missouri who need access to healthcare are closer to getting it. The work of MHCFA staff is tireless and definitely worth supporting in any way they need.

Dede Coughlin

St. Louis, Missouri


I am a proud Missouri Health Care for All volunteer and monthly donor. Good health and affordable health care matters.

Persons without health insurance receive less medical care and less timely care; they have worse health outcomes.  They may not be able to get a job or retain a job; they cannot provide for themselves and/or their families.  They may be a fiscal hardship to themselves and their families.

Whether attending a health care rally, manning a booth at Pride Fest or Earthy Day, lobbying our state and federal office holders or writing a letter to the editor, we are calling attention to the needs of others...doing good for others and the community which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Missouri Health Care for All rocks!

Ed Shew

St. Charles, Missouri


I began volunteering for Missouri Healthcare for All (MHCFA) a few months before I left my high-pressure software job in 2015 (after 14 years) to recover my health (was on an FMLA).   Even while still employed, I came to realize how our corporate system of healthcare makes it difficult to leave toxic jobs and constricts our work choices because we must choose employers who provide healthcare coverage.  MHCFA earned my respect because it advocates for Medicaid Expansion, a federal benefit that Missouri politicians turned down but which allows us to accept part-time work or work for employers who can’t afford healthcare coverage because the program guarantees Medicaid enrollment no matter how low one’s income is.  Through MHCFA, I’m part of a group that puts our voices together to make our views known to our elected politicians.  I’ve gone to Jefferson City with MHCFA to talk to my senators directly as well as have served at the MHCFA booth at local events, which allows me to meet other Missourians and tell them about how they can obtain Medical coverage in Missouri even if they can’t afford it.  MHCFA helps me stay informed and involved with the cause to ensure that we all have access to the healthcare we need regardless of how low our income is.

Tim Hammack,

St. Charles, Missouri

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Founding Principles

Every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable health care, no matter where they live or how much money they make.


In April 2007, a group of faith and community leaders met to hear Vinny DeMarco of the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition.


Missouri Health Care for All has numerous accomplishments in both grassroots organizing and public policy since 2013.

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More than 160 organizations statewide have joined the Missouri Health Care for All movement by endorsing our principle.