Good News! Missouri Senate Bill to Protect Consumers Advances

Good News: SB 982 Advances!

On Tuesday, May 8, the Missouri House Children and Families Committee voted 9-0 to advance SB 982, which protects Missouri health care consumers from two types of unfair Emergency Room Bills.

Here’s what SB 982 does:

  1. Prevents insurance companies from unfairly denying coverage for emergency room visits. If a “prudent layperson” – that is, a reasonable, average person – would believe your situation is an emergency, your insurance company has to cover it, no matter what diagnosis code the doctor enters into your chart.
  2. Protects consumers from receiving a surprise bill if they go to an in-network emergency room but are seen by an out-of-network professional while there. You shouldn’t be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars because your in-network hospital has contracted with a doctor who’s not in your network.

What will these consumer protections mean for Missourians?

  • You’re less likely to get a huge medical bill you couldn’t avoid
  • You can feel more confident going to the emergency room if you feel the situation is an emergency

What’s next?

The Missouri House needs to vote to pass SB 982 before the end of the 2018 legislative session on Friday, May 18. Please contact your state representative and tell him or her, “Please support SB 982 when it comes up for a floor vote.”