House advances Rate Review

On a vote of 119-30, the Missouri House of Representatives passed SBs 865 & 866, which includes important Rate Review language.

The bill now moves to the Senate Conference Committee.

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More About Rate Review:

Missouri is now the only state in the country where the Department of Insurance does not have the authority to collect and review health insurance premiums. As a result, we have no idea whether the premiums Missourians are paying are fair, or why Missourians in different parts of the state are paying such different rates.

Over the past two years, Marketplace plan premiums increased an average of 6% nationally, and increased 24% in Missouri. Rates also vary across the state of Missouri – increasing 4% in St. Louis, 18% in Springfield, and 27% in Maysville, Missouri for 2016 Marketplace “benchmark” plans.

Missouri now has the opportunity to bring transparency to Missouri consumers by passing Rate Review legislation. This bipartisan legislation, currently moving in SB 865 and SB 866 will give Missouri’s Department of Insurance the authority to review health insurance premium rates and protect consumers from high premiums.

Stay tuned to take action on this issue as it moves through the Conference Committee and process.


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