Victoria, Greene County

Despite being covered by insurance, Victoria and her family were driven to bankruptcy due to medical bills. Victoria was in a plane crash that broke her neck, back, tailbone, and both of her knees around the same time that her husband needed spinal cord surgery and her two sons were diagnosed with cancer. It was a terrible time for their family. They were insured through a Blue Cross plan from Victoria’s husband’s employer, but it wasn’t enough to cover all the costs of the surgeries, therapy, chemo, and home health care that was needed. Victoria had to give up the preschool that she privately owned and operated and they lost their house. “My kids should have been able to grow up in the house they loved near the friends they loved,” Victoria said.

None of what Victoria’s family went through could have been planned for. For Victoria, health insurance means peace of mind, but even when you have insurance it’s often not enough. There are still many gaps and holes that families can fall through. Today, Victoria’s kids are healthy, but she still suffers from permanent nerve damage and gets frequent migraines. Her husband now walks with a cane, can’t lift his arms above his head, or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Victoria and her husband are retired, but he is not yet eligible for Medicare. They both know how dangerous it is to be without insurance and are still searching for an affordable coverage option for him.