Thomas, St. Louis

Thomas is a 51-year-old veteran from St. Louis. He is fortunate to have had good health throughout his life. Right now, he does not have private insurance, because he does not qualify for subsidies on the federal marketplace and cannot afford to pay full-price for a plan. Fortunately, Thomas does have VA health care benefits. He is very thankful for the care that he receives. Not too long ago, Thomas was working outside when he accidentally split open his thumb with a hammer. He used his first aid skills to care for the injury quickly. Despite thinking that he might lose his thumb, he did not go to the emergency room. If Medicaid were expanded in Missouri, Thomas would be eligible. With Medicaid supplementing his VA benefits, he would not have to worry about calling an ambulance in an emergency and receiving care from a non-VA hospital. In addition to Thomas, there are approximately 30,000 Missouri veterans in the coverage gap in our state. Let’s close the coverage gap for those Missourians who have served our country!