Terry, St. Louis

Terry is a former office manager for a health insurance wellness coaching company, where she worked for 15 years before going on disability. Prior to that, she owned and ran a cleaning service. She is an avid gardener who distributes her home-canned fruits and vegetables to the homeless living in St. Louis’s tent city. She also volunteers 20 hours per week at the Affton Food Bank. Three years ago, Terry was disabled by a herniated disk in her back and crippling IBS. She also suffers from PTSD and migraines. While acquiring disability benefits was a straightforward process, she has had trouble getting much-needed healthcare coverage. Terry applied for Medicaid but was denied coverage due to income, though her income is still too low to qualify for the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Terry’s only income is her disability check, but she has a retirement account containing $11,000 dollars which is all the savings she has left from her career. Unfortunately, this modest savings makes Terry ineligible for Medicaid. Terry’s herniated disk creates numbness in her legs, forcing her to sit frequently. The pain in her back and stomach makes it difficult for her to sleep. Terry wishes that she had treatment to help her with her chronic pain so that she could sleep more than a few hours per night, and be more able-bodied so that she can maintain independence as she ages.