Terri, Pulaski County

Terri is a 58-year-old widow living in rural Missouri. When her husband became sick a few years ago, she left her job to take care of him. Since then, she’s had a difficult time finding employment. Luckily, she’s been able to make ends meet with a small pension. Unfortunately, however, Terri’s $435 a month pension means that she makes too much money to qualify for Medicaid. Without this assistance, Terri can’t afford quality health care. Terri isn’t able to afford insulin for her diabetes, which is already beginning to cause kidney failure, and treatment for a detached retina, which could cause blindness. Terri has already racked up hundreds of dollars in medical debt due to a lack of health insurance and is concerned about taking on more debt. As Terri puts it,

“Exactly what are folks like me supposed to do [spend money on] meds or food?”