Sue, Christian County

Sue is a nurse and grandmother who has degenerative cartilage disease. She was able to receive disability benefits as well as a pension from her previous employer. Sue recalls incidents of doctors being angry when given patients on Medicaid. Sue is the legal guardian of three of her grandchildren who are on Medicaid. Since Sue is unable to work to the extent she used to, she lost half of her income and has issues finding therapists in her area, especially for her oldest granddaughter, B.J.“It’s not okay that my granddaughter can’t be given what she needs.”

B.J. is eleven years old, on the Autism spectrum, and requires physical and occupational therapy. If her grandchildren were to lose their Medicaid coverage, Sue says she would have to pay for their care through payment plans as long as she could.

 My grandchildren are my joys and I would walk through fire for them. They deserve the same consideration as a child on any other insurance plan.