Sheryl, Newton County

Sheryl is a 50-year-old woman who was working full-time until she recently injured her back. Due to the severe pain and muscle spasms from the injury, her doctors advised her to stop working. She recently signed up for a plan through the Marketplace but does not know whether she will be able to afford the premiums with her minimal disability payments. She might have to cancel that plan next year if she does not start working and earning money. This is frustrating, as she explains, “having health insurance is important because I know I can go to the doctor and get something to keep the pain under control.”

She is not eligible for Medicaid in Missouri and her income is not enough to allow her to make her monthly payments for the Marketplace plan. If Missouri expands Medicaid, Sheryl would be able to get the care she needs without having to worry about the medical bills and get back on her feet. Sheryl says, “If people could get the health care they need, there would be a lot less sick people.”