Sean, Joplin

Sean, JoplinSean and his wife own a small business in Joplin. When Sean started experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath, he feared he was having a heart attack. Since heart disease runs in his family, he went to the emergency room. He was told it wasn’t a heart attack and sent home. When the same thing happened a few days later, Sean visited the ER again and was sent to a specialist. After running some tests, the specialist told him it had been an anxiety attack. Since what he had experienced wasn’t a heart attack, Sean’s insurance refused to cover his ER visits and he and his family were stuck with a $5,000 medical bill. With no laws to protect Sean in a case which appeared to be an emergency, he and his family had to spend months paying off his ER visits.

“We had no way of knowing it wasn’t a heart attack,” said his wife. “It’s wrong that we were punished for trying to save his life.”