Ryan, Springfield

Ryan is 25 years old and works two jobs while planning to marry his fiancé, Kelsey.  He was uninsured for two years and in that time developed chronic pain but didn’t know why. He had to save up, delay treatment, really plan out medical appointments, forgo lots of things, and still be really stressed. He explains, “It really wears on you and takes over your life. When a condition pops up that you know could be fixed, but you have to meticulously plan out ‘I have to work this many more hours and not do this if I want to take care of myself.’ And then still ask whether I’ll be able to afford this. The stress certainly made my pain worse.” 

In 2014, right before the close of the first Open Enrollment, Ryan enrolled in a Marketplace insurance plan with discounted premiums and costs.  After years of paying out of pocket, rationing and delaying health care, Ryan couldn’t believe he was able to get a great, Silver, plan for less than $50/month. He says, “It’s been over a year and every time I go to the doctor I ask ‘What do I owe you? Are you sure?’ I’m still in disbelief I’m only paying $45 a month for such great coverage.”