Russell, Wayland

Russell is a 63-year-old gentleman living in Wayland, Missouri. Russell has worked his entire in life in labor-intensive jobs — for construction companies, in sawmills, and for the railroad. Russell is not currently employed and lives with intense back pain. Aside from the back pain, Russell has high blood pressure and reoccurring growths, although benign, on his arms. He has had four growths removed, and said, “I wasn’t in pain, but they grew so big that I couldn’t move my arm.” He was able to have those four removed because he was employed with insurance. Russell currently has a growth on his arm that will continue to grow but will be unable to remove it because he can’t financially afford the outpatient surgery.

In 2013, Russell attempted to get insurance through the Marketplace, but was quoted a bronze plan for $425.00 per month. Russell stated, “I need insurance but there is no way I could have afforded that plan. Instead, I will have to tough it out without insurance.”