Regina, Jasper County

Regina is 47 years old. She is a nurse and presently works part-time for a home health care service. She has been battling stage IV inflammatory breast cancer for several years. It has now spread to her liver. While fighting breast cancer, she was eligible for Medicaid. Now that it’s moved to her liver, she has been told that she is no longer eligible. Regina is hesitant to inquire further because she is afraid to lose the health care she now receives.

Regina has raised three kids and still provides for the two that are in college by working part-time. She could potentially leave her job and go on disability; however, she fears the money she would receive would not be enough to pay her bills. She goes to chemo and radiation treatments regularly, so working full time is impossible for her. If Missouri would expand Medicaid, Regina would be eligible and not have to worry about whether or not she can afford her cancer therapies.