R.A., Cole County

R.A. is a 60 year old woman from Henley, MO. She and her husband moved to Henley after her husband’s company shut down. He was able to find a new job, but unfortunately, he is only paid a quarter of what he made at his previous job. R.A. is currently unemployed. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis C before she moved. Since her diagnosis, she has been unable to work. R.A. used to have health insurance through her husband’s previous employer, but insurance for her is too expensive under his new employer’s plan. She is unable to get the treatment that she needs for her condition and has been forced to go to the emergency room for medical care. R.A. and her husband do not have enough money qualify for premium discounts, but are ineligible for Medicaid coverage. She believes that having health insurance would allow her to get the proper treatment and give her peace of mind.