Paula, Cape Girardeau

While Paula and her husband are fortunate to have health insurance through a combination of Medicare and their employers, their daughters have not been as lucky. One of her children in particular, Dana, spent many years uninsured and felt the serious impacts of living without health care first hand. Dana was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and was later diagnosed with depression and autism. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, Dana aged out of the Medicaid program and from 18 years old to her early 30’s she was uninsured.


For years, Dana was unable to afford her necessary medications and struggled with day to day life because of it. Eventually, Paula went with Dana to get a psychological evaluation and acquired the necessary documentation to enroll in Medicaid. They were easily able to enroll Dana on Medicaid and Paula says it has been a day and night transformation for her daughter’s wellbeing. Now able to afford her medication and visits to the doctor, Dana is able to live on her own and her health has improved tremendously. As Paula states, “before Medicaid, my daughter was struggling. Now she is thriving”.