Pam, Greene County

Pam has been a school nurse for 13 years and lives in Greene County. She works at an elementary school and sees firsthand how important Medicaid is to her young students. About 1/3 of her students qualify for free lunches and have health insurance through Medicaid. She sees students with health issues ranging from strep throat to diabetes. As a school nurse, Pam cannot prescribe medications. “It’s sad and frustrating that I can’t get these kids medical care.” All she can do is recommend that they go to the doctor. Medicaid gives her students access health care. They are able to see a doctor and get the medications they need in order to be healthy enough to attend school. “Adequate medical care for kids is essential to ensure proper learning for kids to grow up into healthy, productive adults. Decreasing Medicaid could have long term detriments to society as a whole.”