Nicole, Springfield

Nicole is a Springfield resident who has had health insurance on and off when she was employed and able to work full-time. However, her medical conditions have left her currently unable to get or keep employment. Due to the fact she was uninsured, Nicole delayed medical care until she had to be admitted for two-week-long hospital stays. This has left her family in tremendous debt ($100,000) and has her family considering bankruptcy.

If Nicole had insurance, she could see a specialist, particularly an endocrinologist, to get her diabetes and health under control so she can go back to work to pay her debts and feel productive again. Instead, her family lives frugally and Nicole worries what will happen if she’s unable to access the care she needs to get her health back on track. If Nicole could get insurance, she would be able to get back into the workforce. She emphasizes, “I want to work! I love contributing and being a part of things, but my situation makes me isolated.”