Nathanial, Kansas City

Nathaniel is a 28-year-old veteran from Kansas City but does not have access to health care. He just recently got out of the military after serving for 8 years and is now pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. Because he is a full-time student, he does not have a job or enough income to afford health insurance. He also does not get benefits through the Veteran’s Administration because he is not considered a “retiree”. Although Nathaniel does not have severe medical problems from his time in service, he still worries that he won’t be able to afford the bills if he gets sick or has an accident. Sometimes, he even feels pressure to drop out of school in order to gain income. He does not qualify for Medicaid in Missouri because he does not have children. Nathaniel says that if he had Medicaid coverage, then he would have peace of mind and feel confident in his choice to continue his education.