Natalie, Kansas City

Last year, Natalie had a full-time job as a teacher with health insurance benefits. However, when her one-year contract expired, no additional positions were available and Natalie had to take a position as a substitute teacher. As a substitute teacher, with an unstable income, she’s unable to afford COBRA or the Health Insurance Marketplace plans. As a result, Natalie made the difficult choice to be uninsured.

Natalie says being uninsured is scary because you never know what’s going to happen. She has to be tighter with her finances and forgo important services. When deciding whether or not to see a doctor, she must always think if it’s worth a day or two of work. Natalie never imagined her life would be like this. She’s working hard and tries to be healthy. She knows that living without health insurance is a gamble, but has learned that this is a difficult one too many people have to make. She explains, “I found I’m stuck, because I make ‘too much’ money for Medicaid, but not enough to pay for insurance and pay my rent and bills.”