N.K., Greene County

N.K. is a Springfield mom of two whose two children are on Medicaid. Her 9-year old son and 5-year-old daughter had been eligible from birth based their income level. Both kids are on the autism spectrum and have had many therapies that help them. In May of 2019, her family received a notice for an early review, with no explanation as to why even though their normal annual review has been in October. N.K.’s husband works seasonally as a laborer and they have a higher income in the summer, which is his busy season.” Because the review was early, our income is higher than when he is laid off December to March.” N.K. has had to turn in paperwork verifying that her kids still qualified, even to a local dropbox. According to DSS, that paperwork was “not received.” “I had to call after each step of the process which is much different than in years past. Each phone call was a minimum of 2 hours on hold.” As of now, her kids will be losing their Medicaid coverage on July 29th but hopes her kids will be transferred to CHIP. N.K. wants to keep up with the paperwork and changes so that the therapies that can help her kids continue. “We had therapists who would see us for appointments even though we were inactive during transition periods. They prioritized the kids over insurance.”