Muriel, St. Louis County

Muriel is a hard-working waitress and mother of two from St. Louis. She is 42 years old and has never had access to health insurance. Muriel tried to rely on other resources for health care, but was never fully able to get the care she needed. When she was sick, she had to live without the necessary antibiotics and doctor’s help. In 2014, she became eligible to purchase health insurance through the Marketplace and received premium discounts saving her around $3000 per year. Because she is getting older, Muriel was worried about not being able to receive the proper preventative care. She is happy to have insurance, so she can have access to services such as mammograms and colonoscopies. Unfortunately, Muriel sits on the cusp of being eligible for Marketplace discounts and being in the Medicaid Coverage Gap. She is fearful that if her income decreases next year, she will again be in the Medicaid Gap. Muriel believes that “everybody should be able to have access to health care or given the opportunity to afford it.”