Mike, Clay County

Mike is in his 60s and lives in Clay County. Mike had been a teacher for years, earning his master’s degree early on in his career, and had good health insurance. However, Mike encountered a series of health issues that prevented him from continuing to work full-time, and he lost his insurance. Mike continued to work as a substitute teacher, but he couldn’t qualify for health insurance through his work.

Mike suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, and eventually had two heart attacks. He also had to undergo several operations, including double hip surgery. Thankfully, his wife was able to obtain health insurance by working low-paying jobs that did offer health insurance. Once Mike’s wife was laid off, both she and Mike were totally without health care coverage. Mike was facing another round of surgeries necessary to keep him alive – but without the means to pay for the operations and hospital care. Getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace has allowed Mike to get lifesaving operations, medication and doctor care.