Michele, Greene County

Michele is 66 years old and lives in Greene County. She is a retired attorney with two grown daughters. Throughout the course of her thirty-year career, Michele always had a good job with benefits. In 2010, she developed health problems and her doctor advised her to apply for disability. Though Michele was approved for disability, she was ineligible for Medicare for 24 months and found herself without health insurance. She applied for a Gold plan through the Marketplace and was able to receive subsidies. In 2013, Michele had to be hospitalized, required in-home care, and faced a mountain of hospital bills. Her plan paid for her treatment and care, something Michele is incredibly grateful for. Her daughters did not have to interrupt their lives and rush home to take care of her and her hospital bills were completely covered.

“There’s no way I could have paid those hospital bills. Without the ACA, I would have had to file for bankruptcy. It would have been a disaster.”