Melinda, Jefferson County

Melinda is in her 50’s and lives in Fenton, Missouri. She was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago. During that time she made too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but she did not make enough to be eligible for Marketplace subsidies. Melinda was in the coverage gap and was unable to consistently access insulin. She was forced to spread her insulin out as thin as possible, and she even tried to go without it to save money. “If Medicaid expanded three years ago, I wouldn’t have to live with the daily stress of whether or not I will have enough insulin to control my Type I diabetes.”

Eventually, Melinda’s diabetes resulted in weakened bones, which led to a broken hip. Going partially untreated for so long has really set Melinda back. She says, “I went to college and had a career. I could still have work.” Had Melinda been insured, she would have been able to receive proper treatment and her quality of life would be greatly improved.