Mary, Raytown

Mary is a single mother and self-employed. Beginning in 2012, Mary began having serious stomach pains. Because she was uninsured, she sought help at a local clinic. Over the course of the next 18 months, Mary had 18 different clinic visits and spent $5000 trying to solve her health problem. She was diagnosed with GERDS multiple times and was told the problems may be from her heart. Although Mary told the clinics about previous gall bladder attacks she experienced several years ago, this information was never connected to her current problem until she got health insurance through the Marketplace in 2013. Soon after, she saw a physician who immediately identified the problem with her gall bladder and referred her to a surgeon. In June 2014, Mary finally had her gall bladder removed after suffering from the problem for nearly 18 months.

Mary says she is very happy with her Marketplace plan. She has a silver Coventry plan, which she pays about $70 per month for in premiums as a result of the subsidies that make it affordable. Without assistance, her premium would be about $300 per month. Because Mary is a self-employed artist, her income varies. She says that it’s wonderful knowing she can see her doctor for issues now.