Mary, Jackson County

Mary is 30 years old and lives in Jackson County. She is a hardworking single mother and has a four-year-old son. As a low-income parent, both she and her son qualify for coverage through Medicaid. Shortly after being born, her son had to be hospitalized for several days. Medicaid completely covered his hospital stay, treatment for his asthma, and the care he needed for a hernia several years ago. Mary says Medicaid gives her peace of mind as a single mother. “With Medicaid, I know my son will be taken care of. I’m not wondering how I would feed him after the medical bills show up.” Mary also qualifies for Medicaid. Last year, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and soon after lost her job. Her diagnosis made her realize the importance of having health care. Mary now requires treatment for her cancer and has to see the doctor regularly. “Everyone needs health care. Without Medicaid, I don’t know what I would do. I’d probably have to sell our house just to pay for the medical bills.” Thanks to Medicaid, Mary is receiving the care she needs and is able to be there for her son.