Margo, Jefferson County

Margo is 73 years old and living in Jefferson County. She’s covered by Medicare and a supplemental plan but still can’t afford her prescriptions. Margo suffers from diabetes and depends on insulin to keep her blood sugar at healthy levels. “Even when you have insurance, it’s still pretty expensive,” Margo said. She pays $773 for a 90 day supply of the two insulins she uses and $60 for needles on top of her premium and deductible payments. She’s tried just about everything to find a cheaper option, but other insulins don’t control her sugar correctly. Having insurance means peace of mind to Margo. “It gives you the freedom not to worry every day of your life. I’d die if I didn’t have it.” Margo is such an advocate for access to affordable health care she often walks her neighborhood gathering support for universal health care. “I just don’t know what’s wrong with the country anymore. I think we should go to health care for all.