Marcia & Daryl, St. Louis County

Husband and wife, Daryl and Marcia, are both 59 years old and live in St. Louis County. They are currently unemployed and living off of their savings. Marcia had to stop working because the mental stress was negatively impacting her health. Marcia suffers from an autoimmune disorder. Daryl continued working as long as he could, but after suffering from pneumonia twice in the same year, he couldn’t continue anymore. Daryl has been wearing a pacemaker for the last 15 years and also suffers from diabetes. Since they don’t have any income, they cannot afford to buy health insurance on their own. But, they are also not eligible for Medicaid. They fall in the Medicaid gap. Marcia wants to return to work, but she needs to take care of her health. She fears for Daryl’s health and their finances. She says, “Daryl’s medical conditions are ongoing and the expenses associated with them will never stop. If Missouri expanded Medicaid, Marcia can get the health care she needs and go back to work, and Daryl will be able to manage his heart condition and diabetes.