Lucinda, Stoddard County

Lucinda is a single mother living with her son and daughter in Stoddard County. She is currently pursuing a degree in social work at Three Rivers College while working part-time as a secretary at a local salvage yard. She says if it wasn’t for Medicaid, her son would not be able to receive the care he needs for on-going health issues he has with his ears. Both of her children depend on Medicaid for all their health care needs. They are able to receive annual dental and vision exams along with a brand new pair of glasses that otherwise would be unaffordable. If she didn’t have Medicaid for her children, she said she would have to figure out a way to purchase insurance for them, even if that means going without basic, everyday necessities. “Should I give up paying my electric bill so I can pay for health insurance?” she wonders.

Lucinda also falls into the Medicaid Coverage Gap. Because Lucinda had to get a job to support herself and her children, she no longer qualified for Medicaid. In the state of Missouri, the financial threshold for an adult with 2 dependent children is $318 a month. So now Lucinda goes without health insurance. She worries about becoming ill and not being able to afford to go to the doctor which could result in her missing more time from work than she would have if she had insurance. If she doesn’t work, she loses income she needs to support her children. Like many Missourians, Lucinda is forced to choose between having health insurance, and working to support her family.