Lonnie, Pettis County

Lonnie is a 51-year-old man from Pettis County. The injuries from an accident in 2012 have prevented him from working, and as a result, he lost his employer-sponsored insurance. His wife’s income, the only source of household income, makes Lonnie ineligible for Medicaid in Missouri and premium assistance in the Marketplace. He is in the coverage gap.

Lonnie cannot afford to see a doctor for his accident-related injuries, or for potentially cancerous skin lesions on his leg and back. In addition, he also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If Missouri expanded Medicaid, in Lonnie’s words, “I could get the skin lesions taken care of. Finally, that wouldn’t be in the back of my mind.” Closing Missouri’s coverage gap would prevent further deterioration of Lonnie’s health by helping him find out what doctors can do to treat him.