Lizzy, St. Louis County

Lizzy is a 30-year old artist and part-time, adjunct professor living in St. Louis County. She teaches art at many local community colleges. Her salary and work hours are always fluctuating. She doesn’t receive health insurance from her part-time employment. In 2012, Lizzy got sick with colitis, and her trip to the urgent care cost her $1300. Lizzy was thankful for being able to get medical help that day. But, it costed her almost all of the teaching money that she had earned that summer. She was saving that money to buy a new laptop to grow professionally as an artist. Her plans for career growth were side stepped by the emergency health care situation. Lizzy worries when the next health crisis will strike. Besides the emergencies, Lizzy worries about getting her annual check-up, because her family has a history of diabetes and breast cancer. However, without health insurance, Lizzy cannot afford to get preventive care. Lizzy is in the Medicaid Gap, making too little to qualify for a Marketplace discount, but too much to qualify for Medicaid. If Missouri expanded Medicaid, health care costs wouldn’t be a “huge setback” preventing young entrepreneurs, like Lizzy, from starting their careers and pursuing their dreams.