LeAnn, Springfield

LeAnn lives in Springfield with her young son. During her high-risk pregnancy, LeAnn was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and her son needed to see a specialist and take medications for a heart murmur. Thanks to the care they received, both LeAnn and her son are doing well but still have everyday health care needs. After going through this process, LeAnn took advantage of the health insurance marketplace and shopped for a new plan when Open Enrollment came around. Previously, LeAnn paid $400 a month for private insurance coverage. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, both LeAnn and Isaac are covered for $157 a month on a silver plan – which continues to cover their important wellness visits at no additional cost. When asked what a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would mean for LeAnn and her family, she said: “The relief I felt when learning I qualified tax credits on the Marketplace would turn to a very real fear.”