Laura and Bull, Jasper County

When Laura began her job with a local charity as a social worker, she was able to purchase coverage for herself for only $1/month. Before taking her current position, she and her husband had coverage through the Marketplace. Unfortunately, with her employer-sponsored care, her husband Bull would have to pay $354/month to be on her plan. They simply cannot afford that price, so he goes without insurance. Bull no longer qualifies for subsidies on the marketplace, and their income is too much for him to qualify for Medicaid. Laura worries for Bull. He is a diabetic and suffers from neuropathy and Charcot foot. His conditions require a specialist, and there isn’t one in their area. He has not been able to work due to the numbness in his hands and feet, so he is applying for disability at 44 years old. He would much rather get the medical help he needs and get healthy enough to work again.

Laura works with the homeless. She sees first hand how devastating it can be to let health concerns go untreated. She is a compassionate, understanding, and loving community servant. She wants what is best for Bull. But, he cannot receive the healing care he needs until he has affordable health care coverage.