Lacey, West Plains

Lacey lives in West Plains with her husband and two, school-aged children. She is currently working part-time while she goes to school to get her teaching certification. While her husband gets insurance through his employer and her children are on CHIP, Lacey is uninsured. She tried shopping on the Marketplace and found that even the discounted premiums were unaffordable for her. She was told that she would qualify for Medicaid if Missouri expanded. Lacey lives with two pre-existing conditions, depression and polycystic ovarian syndrome. While she is able to purchase discounted generic medicine for her depression through the pharmacy where her husband works, her polycystic ovarian syndrome is going untreated. Lacey describes being uninsured as “scary” and notes that even relatively minor problems become more significant when you can’t see a doctor. She has had an untreated sinus infection and cough for two months, which has impacted her ability to take care of her children and complete her school work. Having insurance through Medicaid would allow Lacey, in her words, to be

“the best mother, wife and student I can be.”