Kimmy, St. Louis

Kimmy is a 38-year-old medical assistant who recently lost her job, and thus her insurance. She has been working as a temp doing office work since, but her temp work does not come with insurance. A few years ago, Kimmy hurt her back and had to have surgery to correct the bulging disk. She had the first surgery with private insurance prior to losing her job but had to have a subsequent minor surgery to accompany it.

Kimmy has applied for Medicaid, but was denied because she has no children and no permanent disability which would qualify her for coverage- she falls in the gap. Kimmy has been told that she needs another surgery, but she fears to go ahead with the procedure without permanent and reliable insurance. She explains, “Doctors think I might need surgery again on the upper part of my back, but after this last experience without insurance, I’m scared to go back under the knife without private insurance.”