Kathryn, Reynolds County

Kathryn is a 48-year-old single mother. She has a son with disabilities whose health care is covered by Medicaid. Until recently, Kathryn also received Medicaid benefits. However, she lost them a year ago when her son turned 19 and was no longer recognized by the state as a dependent minor. Kathryn spends most of her time caring for her son, and her health problems limit her ability to work. She does not have a large enough income to qualify for discounts on the federal insurance marketplace. Kathryn suffers from high blood pressure and gall stones. She simply cannot afford to pay out of pocket for visits to her doctor for these chronic health problems. Although she needs to be taking her medications on a regular basis, she takes them sporadically because she has no insurance to help with the cost. The one doctor’s visit she has made since she was removed from Medicaid cost her $100. She really needed that money to pay for other necessities. Without Medicaid expansion, Kathryn is forced to live with too little medication and inconsistent care.