K.V., Cass County

K.V. is 20 years old and lives in Cass County. She recently gave birth to her 4-month-old son. While pregnant, K.V. qualified for Medicaid and had health insurance for the first time in her life. After having her son, K.V. was no longer eligible for Medicaid and lost her coverage. Without insurance, K.V. worries about what would happen if she were to get sick. “I worry I would have to go to the doctor one day and would not have insurance,” she says. Her young son still qualifies for Medicaid. K.V.’s son was born in breech, causing problems with his neck and legs. Doctors did not know if he would have permanent defects and ran multiple tests to make sure he was healthy. Luckily, her son will not have any permanent problems, but requires physical therapy. Without Medicaid, K.V. could not afford the care her son needs. “With Medicaid, my son has the care he needs and we don’t struggle when he needs to see the doctor.”