K.M., St. Louis County

K.M. recently left her job in order to provide care for her mother, whose health was deteriorating after a recent heart attack. K.M. does not have health insurance anymore and cannot afford to purchase it on the Marketplace with the minimal pension she receives from her previous job. “I’m poor. I do not know. I have never been in a situation where I have not had health insurance. I’m not lazy. I have worked all my life. I am pissed off.”

K.M. has accrued $10,000 in medical debt, partially from an incident she had with her right wrist last year after she lost health insurance. To make matters worse, the Urgent Care where she sought treatment performed an incorrect procedure that has left her with constant pain in her right wrist. She is right-handed but has to use her left to do daily tasks. There is treatment available to relieve her of the pain but she cannot afford it, and she doesn’t want to take on more debt. Her income does not qualify her for any help in affording health insurance and her only hope is Medicaid Expansion. K.M. would not have to live a life of constant pain if she could afford medical treatment.