K.H., Jefferson County

K.H. is a 23-year-old woman who recently graduated from college. When she was a little girl her mother sat her down and told her that she was quitting her job, and they would be losing their health insurance. She explains, “that was a big moment for me. I’ve been very cautious since then because I know and I knew that I couldn’t afford getting hurt.”

K.H. started worrying about how her actions could somehow put her in the ER and how they would be unable to pay. When she was 13 years old, she was able to get insurance through her step-father’s plan. But, when her parents divorced, she found herself again without coverage. In 2013, K.H. and her mother signed up for health insurance through the Marketplace. Because of the ACA’s provision that allows children to stay on their parent’s insurance, K.H. was able to sign up under her mother’s health insurance plan. She has a Silver plan and receives premium tax credits. This discounted her costs from about $175 a month to only about $30 a month. Although there have been some administrative issues related to her health insurance, K.H. is happy to have insurance because she is able to worry less and have access when she needs it.