Joycelynn, Jasper County

Joycelynn is 31 years young and lives in Jasper County. She has autism and was born with a brain injury. Jocelynn has health insurance through Medicaid which has allowed her to receive the help she needs to be an active part of society. She loves to read, ride horses, and be with children. Joycelynn volunteers at three different schools and reads and does crafts with the students. Her mother says the volunteer work gives her a sense of purpose and belonging.

Joycelynn is not able to live independently but lives at a host home where she is thriving. This is only possible because of the personal aid that she has through Medicaid. This aid keeps Joycelynn focused and allows her to be an active member of society. Everyone loves her and she is a vital part of people’s lives. When asked about what Medicaid means to them, Joycelynn’s parents say, “Medicaid has provided quality of life for our daughter, and so many others like her.”