Joseph, St. Louis

Joseph is 27, married with two kids.  He is a full-time student and supports his family with two part-time jobs. Joseph regularly takes anxiety medication and has periodic follow up visits with a mental health specialist. Currently, his full-time student status allows him to get mental health treatment through his school.  However, after he graduates, it “scares” him that he will not be able to afford the treatment.  Joseph says that, “If I have to go to a psychiatrist after graduation, I don’t even know what that would cost if I didn’t have health insurance. I can’t just stop taking my medication. That would have some serious negative side-effects. I have kids that are depending on me to succeed. If I am not in good health, then I will not be able to take care of them.”

If Medicaid is expanded in Missouri then Joseph—who is a hard-working individual working 2 part-time jobs to support his family while being a full-time student—would not have to worry about whether he will “be able to afford a doctor to refill his prescription” which he needs to function and take care of his 2 kids and his wife.