John, Jefferson County


John, a 46-year-old resident of Arnold, Missouri has not had insurance for most of his adult life. He does not qualify for Medicaid in Missouri. He makes too much for Medicaid, and too little for subsidies on the marketplace and thus, falls into the gap. John recently had major heart surgery and needs to continuously monitor his medicine and go to doctor appointments for check ups. John says, “I have to worry all the time about which medicine I can pay for and which ones I can’t.” Many Missourians like John are often placed in the difficult situation of picking and choosing which medications they will take as they cannot afford to take the necessary medications prescribed to them.

John has worked in construction most of his life, so he is often paid as a contractor, or works with small businesses. As John states, “it’s frustrating because I work and do a hard job. I don’t make enough to pay out of pocket for insurance, or doctor’s appointments all the time.” He goes on to say,  “I know this is taking a long-term toll on my health but what can I do? Medicaid expansion would mean I could take the right medicine and see the doctor on time”.