Jody, St. Francois County

Jody is a 56-year-old St. Francois County resident who lost her house and livelihood when she sustained a serious back injury at work. Worker’s comp provided her with enough money to live off of for a short period of time after the injury, but she was only able to receive part of the medical care she needed to heal her back. Because of this, she still lives with a lot of pain.

Although she has computer skills, she cannot get a job in which she utilizes them, because she is unable to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time. After three years of struggling to get back on her feet, Jody finally began receiving Medicaid. However, when she purchased a camper for $3,500 to replace the home she lost, she suddenly became ineligible. She had exceeded the asset limits by saving money to purchase her camper, despite the fact that it was serving as her home. Jody and many other Missourians would greatly benefit from raised asset limits.