Jody, Joplin

Jody suffers from a variety of issues that affect her day-to-day, including tachycardia and perimenopause. Tachycardia is a heart condition that causes her heart to beat abnormally fast, usually over 100 beats per minute at rest. This irregular heart rate causes migraines and comes with a risk for blood clots, stroke, heart attack or failure, and other cardiovascular conditions. Perimenopause, a precursor to menopause, is unusual in women as young as Jody, who is 25, and comes with many uncomfortable symptoms. Jody does not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford private insurance, putting her in the Medicaid gap. She has tried going to low-income clinics in the area, but because her conditions require specialists, she can’t afford to get treatment. If Missouri were to expand Medicaid to cover the gap, Jody could seek out affordable treatment for her conditions. Her symptoms cause her stress and she says that when they get bad, it makes it hard to do anything.