Jessica & Nicholaus, Johnson County

Jessica is 37 years old and lives in Johnson County. Her son Nicholaus is 14 years old and was born with dwarfism causing severe scoliosis. In his short life, he has undergone 30 surgeries in an attempt to straighten his spine. Without these corrective surgeries, Nicholaus’ back will eventually bend to the point of crushing his lungs. He will require corrective surgery for the rest of his life. Having health coverage for Nicholaus is a necessity. Luckily, Jessica has health coverage for them both through her employer. She works as a full-time secretary at a local university and makes $16,000 a year. The insurance deductibles take 2/3 of Jessica’s paycheck, but she makes it work so Nicholaus can see a specialist. Because of his disability, Nicholaus qualifies for Medicaid as his secondary coverage which covers the remaining balance of his medical bills.

Without Medicaid, Jessica would be drowning in a sea of medical debt, unable to pay for the care her son needs. The ACA gave Jessica peace of mind. She can keep Nicholaus on her plan so he can see his specialist. He will not be denied coverage because of his pre-existing condition. Jessica will not be solely responsible for Nicholaus’ medical bills when Nicholaus exceeds the lifetime cap. Both Nicholaus and Jessica rely on Medicaid to help pay for the balance not covered by the insurance companies. She is incredibly grateful to both the ACA and Medicaid for giving Nicholaus the care he needs to live a normal life.