Jeri, Camden County

Jeri lives in Camden County with her husband (disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and covered by Medicare), daughter (disabled and eligible for Medicaid), and orphaned grandson (Medicaid eligible). Jeri works 30 hours per week providing personal assistance to people with disabilities, is a full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and is a dedicated Special Olympics volunteer. The fact that she is uninsured causes her anxiety. She is a cancer survivor but is unable to get the check ups required to be sure her cancer has not returned. She was prescribed medication for high cholesterol that costs $38/month, an amount too high for her to pay. In addition, an urgent care visit that cost $245 meant 245 fewer dollars to spend on groceries that month. Jeri can’t sleep at night wondering what will happen to her family if she becomes ill. She also loses sleep worrying about her grandson. When he turns 19, he will lose Medicaid coverage. What will happen to his health?